Mental Health will be looked at from a different angle, rather than ask why are so many people living with mental health problems, the question should be 'why are not enough of us thriving with good mental health'.
In March 2017 the Mental Health Foundation commissioned a survey which aimed to understand the levels of positive and negative mental health in the population.
The conclusion....quite shocking ! Only 13% of the people surveyed (82% online and 18% by phone) reported living with good levels of mental health.
Undoubtedly, there has been massive progress made over the last few years in the way we talk about mental health, people are coming forward in the media and sharing personal stories. Prince Harry on his personal grief, Lady Gaga on PTSD, Kesha on depression...this is great because for each of these stories shared there are others who won't feel alone and hopefully reach out.
Perhaps this week when someone says they are fine and we know they aren't we could take a little time to be there, it could mean the world to them.

(This week, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week I will be posting something every day.)

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