Louise is lovely. She has an amazing way of helping you open up and talk about painful things without making you feel judged or vulnerable. I would highly recommend her to anyone. As a returning client it was such an easy choice to go back to see her, and her support has been so valuable! Thank you




Louise was asked to provide 6 creative therapy sessions for cancer patients who attend a younger adult group. Louise provided some really interesting practical sessions that helped people explore their emotions in a non-intrusive way in a very safe supportive environment. The feedback from the group was 100% positive. I would recommend Louise as a counsellor who is able to adapt her skills in any situation.

Helen Fowler - Macmillan Information and Support Service, Western Sussex Hospitals Trust.


I was referred by a friend to see Louise at the most difficult time in my life. I had received little or no help from the NHS mental health services, and because of this poor treatment I was reluctant to start a new course of counselling! However, I quickly felt comfortable with Louise because of her kindness and compassion for what I was going through. She has a real genuine level of care and reassurance, and her flexible style of counselling gave me freedom to chat openly and choose the content of the session - I never felt 'pushed' to speak about anything in any way. I find Louise so easy to talk to; she has such a warm personality and is also down to earth, fun to laugh with and a listening ear to cry to! Louise has been one of the most important figures for me in my recovery journey, helping me with a range of issues, responding with no judgement, and the first person I have sought help from who has really made a difference.


My 14 year old daughter has been seeing Louise for a few months now to help her with generalised anxiety disorder that was beginning to rule her life.
I can't recommend Louise enough in helping to turn things around.  Her easy going personality, compassion and empathy meant my daughter really wanted to attend these sessions, as well as Louise helping her to understand her feelings and emotions which is crucial at such a young age. Just knowing she is there whenever she is needed helps my daughter enormously. I really can't thank Louise enough.
Client - April 2017.